From multimedia producer Shefali Kulkarni:

Part of my day last week was sifting through thousands of clips of Korean Dramas from DramaFever. We got permission to post a handful of them. This was a clip that we didn’t post on the web post but got the OK to use. It’s a soap opera called ‘Heirs’ and it’s about wealthy Korean students and it takes place, part of the time, in California.

Here’s the final story that Shefali helped produce: "Your Next Big Addictive TV Series Could be from South Korea"

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The Daily Show’s Wyatt Cenac on his role in skewering news media and his current project, hosting the fourth season of “AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange" on public television.

"I like documentaries, I have to do community service for some gambling debts, um … and so why not do this," Cenac said about his public television stint.

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