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Artist Leonor Caraballo and her husband, Abou Farmanhas, have come up with a new approach to representing breast cancer: they make bronze models of real tumors, created from MRI scans, that can be worn or displayed.

“For me it’s a reminder that I’m here and this thing is out of my body,” said Caraballo, who is a cancer survivor. “And I feel more powerful than it.” More.

(Photo: A sculpture of a tumor made by caraballo-farman for Object Breast Cancer. Courtesy of caraballo-farman.)


An installation housed in a former funeral home in Paris is an undulating landscape made of 65,000 discarded CDs. Architect Clémence Eliard and artist Elise Morin are the creators of the installation. (Photo from


Dirty art: Every piece in “Swept Away”, an exhibition at New York’s Museum of Arts and Design, is made up made of dirt, dust, trash, or pollution. (Photo: Detail of “Flora,” Phoebe Cummings, 2010. From Museum of Art and Design / Sylvain Deleu)

There is quilt made of lint, a dust-covered cleaning cloth molded into the shape of a skull, and sculptures of crows burned to charcoal and smeared all over the place. There’s also a “dirt map” — an 8x10-foot plastic tray filled with 15 years of soil samples. More.


The work of environmental artist Nicole Dextras