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If the Thames barrier was not closed, this is the effect it could have on London.

(Photo: The Environment Agency, UK)

Sue Austin is an artist participating in the Unlimited Festival of the Cultural Olympiad, part of this week’s London Paralympic Games. Austin has designed a self-propelled underwater wheelchair, and has captured on film her gentle underwater movement in the chair.

"My work was about repositioning the ideas attached to the wheelchair, or just trying to open up the thinking space to surprise and excite people," Austin explained. "I was thinking, ‘I wonder what will happen if I put scuba gear and a wheelchair together,’ because perhaps the associations of one will rub off on the other to transform those ideas." More.

(Photo: Sue Austin performing in her underwater wheelchair, via

2012 Olympics Torch Relay atop the London Eye. (Photo by Amy Holmes, courtesy of the 2012 London Olympics.)


The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living by Damien Hirst (1991). (Photo: Wikipedia)

British artist Damien Hirst opens his first major retrospective in London this week.

The Tate Modern gallery will showcase the work of the enfant terrible-turned-multi-millionaire featuring 70 works including classics like the above piece featuring a shark suspended in formaldehyde. Hirst is a constant target of fierce critics who question whether what he does is art, yet his pieces bring in millions from collectors. More.

Is it us, or has that shark aged a bit?


Some Jack the Ripper case documents remain as mysterious as the notorious killer


The weekend saw riots tear through London’s Tottenham neighborhood. This video from the Associated Press shows the results of the violence and looting incited by both deep cuts to social services and anti-police sentiments felt in the neighborhood.