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Would you make your password public for art? About 600 people did.

The creators of Trust Me, It’s Art asked users to share their passwords to make a statement about internet security. And people are submitting their passwords.

It’s “the rush that you get when you enter your password. You find it in the gallery. It’s always staring at you. You feel vulnerable,” said Jure Martinec, who created the Trust Me It’s Art site with fellow graphic design students Klemen Ilovar and Nejc Prah in Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana.

Dan Goodin, the security editor of the US tech website Ars Technica, says the approach of Trust Me It’s Art’s creators is wrong-headed as any password that’s submitted to the site can be easily exploited by hackers.

While all submissions are anonymous, and they’re continuously shuffled, there aren’t any special security precautions. The creators of the site say they wouldn’t mind if a hacker did exploit the passwords.


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The first picture ever posted on the internet. And the story behind it.

Salamworld could be the Facebook for Muslims.

With 300 million online Muslims, private investors in Kazakstan and Russia figure the social networking site is a slam dunk. Asked whether the main goal of the project is to help the Ummah – the global community of Muslims – or to cash in on a wide-open market niche, the startup’s communications director Said Saidov says there’s no reason you can’t do both.

The company says it will ensure halal content through filters, moderators and user-based moderation.


Carpooling the German way: German commuters connect with each other on a website called Mitfahrgelegenheit to find carpools.

In a parking lot outside of Munich’s main train station, Lars Biederstedt meets the people he’ll spend the next five to six hours with. Biederstedt drives from Munich (where he works) to Berlin (where his parents live) almost every weekend.

Biederstedt never drives to Berlin alone. Instead, he offers seats in his van through the Mitfahrgelegenheit site, one of those wonderfully rich German words that means, essentially, “a lift.”

The site is run by a German company called, which hopes to provide its services in America.

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By subjecting ourselves to constant streams of information from the internet, we could eventually lose ability to be contemplative and introspective.