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Taking a break from actual science to post a cool aerial shot of some geography. This is in fact a view of the Betsiboka River in Madagascar and shows the different colours caused by different sediments. Also it looks like some weird octopus or jelly fish.

(via geographile)


The Earth From Space: The Site of a Meteor Impact in Algeria

Astronauts on board the International Space Station snapped this picture of the Ouarkziz Impact Crater in northwestern Algeria, the site of a meteor crash that occurred less than 70 million years ago, during the time when dinosaurs still inhabited the Earth. A stream channel that cuts through the rim of the crater formed following the impact The crater is about 3.5 kilometers across.”

Missouri has never looked so good … Dave Imus’ map of the United States recently won the “Best of Show” at the annual competition of the Cartography and Geographic Information Society.

Slate magazine calls Imus’ cartographic work of art, “The Greatest Paper Map Of The United States You’ll Ever See.”

"What I did different than anybody else who ever made a map of the United States was that I brought into focus… the basic geography," Imus told Here & Now’s Robin Young. “People that read this map or look at it on the wall can understand and appreciate more deeply the character of the United States… the lay of the land.”

(Image: A map of Missouri. Courtesy Dave Imus, Imus Geographics.)