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From Algeria: Behind the Tattoos A generation of women in the Aurés Mountains of Algeria are marked by tattoos on their faces. Some shapes are alike; others are completely unique to the woman or to the place where she was raised. Drawing from surroundings, from clans, from the wandering and tattoo-giving adasiya, the markings tell the story of who a woman is. - Photos, captions and writing by Yasmin Bendaas.  

Canadians answer the question: What should Americans know about Canada?

What if both countries got an image makeover?


‘Untouchable’ Indian woman becomes a tycoon: Dalits still face discrimination in India’s caste system, but Kalpana Saroj has worked her way up from poverty, becoming a manufacturing tycoon.

Must-read for the day.

Emerging from extreme poverty and pariah status to a position of strength and wealth has certainly been satisfying, she said. That fact that she is a woman — in a country ranked by the United Nations as among the world’s most dangerous places to be born a girl, given high female infanticide, inferior healthcare and nutrition — made her rise more extraordinary.

And although her ascent hasn’t been without its share of speed bumps or caste-related jibes, she said, she has tried to channel anger and frustration into getting things done.

“I’m aware people may still look down on me because I’m a dalit,” she said. “But even when I was very agitated, I never lost my cool, always trying instead to find my way out of difficult situations.”

Photo: Kalpana Saroj. Credit: Mark Magnier / Los Angeles Times

We like how this story starts with:

"She was called dirty, ugly, a "little packet of poison," the offspring of donkeys. These days, Kalpana Saroj is called something else: a millionaire."

Understanding Haiti through comics: Pharés Jerome, a reporter for Le Nouvelliste, and comic artist named Chevelin Pierre, have just completed the first chapter of a comic series called “Tents Beyond Tents,” about how so many Haitians affected by the hurricane are still living in tent camps.

The duo was enlisted by American cartoonist Matt Bors, who’s editing a comics journalism project about life in Haiti since the earthquake. Bors spoke to The World’s Marco Werman yesterday.

"Tents Beyond Tents" was published online Thursday by Cartoon Movement.

Artisans hand craft mridangums — drums used in Indian classical music.

In Chennai, India, it’s what’s called “the December Season”. It’s a time when the city comes alive with thousands of concerts featuring Carnatic music, the classical music of South India. People from around the world flock there through January to hear it live.

From PRI’s The World.

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The UFO in the ‘Roswell Incident’ was actually a Russian spy plane sent by Stalin, flown by Nazi mutants who were created by Dr. Joseph Mengele — this and other conspiracy theories that Russians don’t find so far-fetched.