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We got this question from an anonymous fan:

Really, really bizarre question: I find the PRI musical jingle(?) that is played at the end of PRI programs (after the voice says “PRI: Public Radio International”) to be such a comforting sound. I find it so comforting that I was looking for a way to listen to just the short jingle but all my Google searches came up empty. (It’s a bit awkward to search for.) Could you point me in the right direction? Or post a clip? Thank you so much for your help with this!

Around here, we call it an “audio logo” and we’re so glad you like it! Here’s the sound, which you can play on loop if you like.


Kyle Lerfarld, keeping PRI going in a Minneapolis snow storm.


This is oddly satisfying to watch

Indeed — here’s the bigger version.

Kyle Lerfarld, keeping PRI going in a Minneapolis snow storm.

Kyle Lerfarld, keeping PRI going in a Minneapolis snow storm.


Here’s a quick look at visitors to throughout the day on 11/20/13. 
Where do you visit from?

The “bike wall” by our office at PRI.

PRI’s entry! Show your love by voting for our mobile news game: Click ‘like’ when you get on our entry page.


1. What do you propose to do? [20 words]

Create the iGeoQuiz (w.t.), a daily mobile and online game based on the popular GeoQuiz segment from PRI’s global news program, The World.

2. Is anyone doing something like this now and how is your project different? [30 words]

Newsrooms create occasional games for specific stories.  Daily, social news games like Qrank are rare.  Using the Qrank platform, iGeoQuiz will let people discover international news that is fresh each day through a geography game.

How it’ll work:

iGeoQuiz will leverage the popularity of social games to convey news to people who may not pay attention to the news.  

iGeoQuiz will enable people to participate on their terms, and compare and share their results among their social networks, their local community, nationally, and globally.  Links to deeper content will help players discover more about the featured locale and news story; UGC opportunities like uploading images will provide further engagement opportunities.

Because iGeoQuiz is connected with a popular public radio program, we will use both digital outreach and old-school broadcast promotions to attract players. With a fresh news-related question each day, iGeoQuiz will be a daily check-in that doesn’t grow old.  Push technology will alert players with time pressure to answer quickly.


People have been sharing their thoughts about 9/11. Lots of different perspectives! Add yours.


The latest on Libya via @globalcartoons

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Poor Mario. Thirty years of discovering the princess was actually in another castle.

Toad really needs to fact check. 


The Enduring Appeal of the Super Mario Bros.

Mario is 30 years old. Here’s to 30 more years.


Some Jack the Ripper case documents remain as mysterious as the notorious killer