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At a Beijing theme restaurant called ‘Red Classic’, you can re-live the Cultural Revolution every week. This statue greets visitors to the themed restaurant.


Wang Yufang and her grandson, Gu Hangyu, at her home on Chongming Island, near Shanghai. Gu says when he has a family, he’d like his son or daughter to speak his native Chongming dialect. Many young Chinese do not speak their grandparents’ dialects.


Matthew Bell reports from China this week. Here are some of his photos from the ground, via his Instagram feed.


The World’s Matthew Bell demonstrates how to properly wear a respiratory mask for protection against low air quality in Beijing.


A new study released Thursday by the Walk Free Foundation attempts to measure modern slavery. The above infographic looks at the grim reality of modern slavery through a numerical lens.


A new UN study attempts to quantify the prevalence of gang rape and other forms of violence against women in Asia - by talking with the men themselves. It reveals some startling statistics. Half of the 10,000 men surveyed in six Asia Pacific countries admitted they had abused their partners, and one in four had committed rape.

The study also showed alarming levels of gang rape, with some of the highest levels found in Cambodia. Of the men surveyed there, more than 5% said they’d taken part in a gang rape - higher than the 2% typically seen in most of the other sites surveyed. 

(Graphic: Partners for Prevention)


Rooftop farms flourish in space-starved Hong Kong
Unused roofs are some of the few places in the most heavily populated areas for budding vegetable gardeners.

(via silas216)


Stratfor: Chinese Investments in Africa via chrislindsay

While the U.S. is concerned about China’s influence in Africa, “the U.S. government is not in a position to do what China is doing nor would we necessarily want to,” said Todd Moss, a former State Department official who now runs The Emerging Africa Project at the Center for Global Development in Washington. More.


Olympic left-overs. Beijing’s Water Cube is now a water park.


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In his first national broadcast interview since arriving in the United States, Chen Guangcheng talks about the intersection between human rights and disability rights in the United States and in his native China.

"I think it’s important for everybody to request the highest standards from their government, Guangcheng said through an interpreter. "I think that all people should be involved in greater justice in society and requiring the government to live up to its promises to enforce justice and the law." More.

(Photo: Chen Guangcheng with John Hockenberry at The Takeaway studio. From The Takeaway.)