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Our engineer Mike Wilkins captured the moment just after the Canadian Women’s Olympic Hockey team tied the score with :29 left in the gold medal game in Sochi.

The one that looks happy? That’s Andrea. She’s Canadian.


After Canada defeated the US to win the women’s hockey gold medal, producer Bradley Campbell sends along this, with the words:

Knock, knock, who’s there? Gold medal to the face. That’s who.

I was 18 years old, serving as a page in the House of Commons in Ottawa, when Madiba was released from prison and made Canada the first stop on his tour to thank the world for pushing to end apartheid. He and wife Winnie came to address parliament. There were two black pages and we both were determined to see, touch, meet Madiba. It felt like such a momentous occasion and he was a symbol of overcoming oppression, of the possibility of equality and justice for black people. We pages had formed an honor guard in the hallway leading to the chamber and as Madiba and Winnie walked up to us, the two of us gave them the fist-raised black power solute. They looked surprised at first, then smiled big smiles and returned the salute. We were thrilled. And a little nervous that our highly irregular actions might have some consequences for us. In the end, the Speaker and head of protocol understood the significance of the moment for two young black Canadian teens, and invited us to attend a reception with the Mandela’s where we were able to meet and speak to them. It was unforgettable.

-Melanie Ash, a Vancouver native who now works as a lawyer in New York City. She is pictured here, second from the left, with Mandela in 1990.

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Canada gets an image makeover.

Just in time for Canada’s 145th birthday (July 1 is Canada Day, in case you forgot), Studio 360 gives our northern neighbor a brand makeover.

To get beyond hockey, beer, and Mounties, Studio 360 asked the international firm Bruce Mau Design to come up with a visual rebranding. As part of its research, the BMD team talked with Scott Thompson of the sketch comedy group The Kids in the Hall who summed up the issue simply: “We know you, but you don’t know us.”

“Canada didn’t need to be rebranded or redesigned,” explains BMD President and CEO Hunter Tura. “America needed to be educated. And that is the basis for our campaign: Know Canada.” More.

Canadians answer the question: What should Americans know about Canada?

What if both countries got an image makeover?

Bellingham International Airport in Washington state and other small airports along the the U.S.-Canada border are humming with business from bargain-hunting Canadians. They’re driving across the border for cheaper American airfares. (Photo from Bellingham International Airport website)

In the recently expanded parking lots at Bellingham International, there are hundreds of cars, most with license plates from one place: British Columbia.

Bellingham has no scheduled international flights. The main way this “international” airport lives up to its name is that most of its passengers drive here from another country.

Zahir Dossa from Ladner, British Columbia, just south of Vancouver, is flying from  Bellingham to Las Vegas.

“For us in Canada, with all the taxes and, you know, it’s much more reasonable to come through Bellingham,” Dossa said.

Canadians are saving as much as 30 - 40% on flights out of U.S. airports. More.


Quebec tuition protesters clash with Grand Prix partiers in Montreal
A group of activists, protesting capitalism in general and Quebec’s tuition hikes in particular, tried their hardest last night to crash the party on the Montreal street most closely associated with this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix.

On one side of the barrier they shouted about injustice; on the other they sipped beer and wondered what the fuss was about.

Thousands of Formula One fans flock to Crescent Street each year for the expensive cars, the free swag and the popular nightclubs. It is the focal point for scenesters, for those looking to see and be seen.

A protest march that began near a community center in one of the city’s working-class neighbourhoods projected an altogether different ethos.

1,2,3,4, this is f—ing class war,” the crowd of several hundred chanted. “5,6,7,8, overthrow this fascist state.” (Photos: Canadian Press; AFP/GettyImages; Reuters)

"Canadian opposition leader Jack Layton has died after a second bout of cancer, aged 61."