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"What happens in Monopoly really runs counter to the entire thing we talk about as the American dream," game designer Brenda Brathwaite told Studio 360. It’s all about creating an empire with very little mechanisms to catch up. She says:

At some point, the game is literally just about waiting for people to run out of money and perish. The only person who’s having any fun is the one person who is causing this destruction…. And that’s not fun, considering this can go on for hours.

How would you redesign Monopoly? Studio 360 wants to know.

(Image by Wikimedia user Zzubnik.)

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    A great story on the game, Monopoly, from publicradiointernational: I like designing games/simulations for classroom...
  3. 3dprintmeafucktogive said: You just need to abandon all rules for inter-player trades. Also, putting money on free parking (substantial amounts, like thousands of fake money) makes it more interesting by changing the power dynamics.
  4. 3rdcoastfieldnotes said: My siblings and I always added rules about bartering. You could barter with a property owner & stay for free at her hotels if you gave her your dessert, or three trips on the RRs, or walked the dogs for her. That made the game longer, but hilarious
  5. rawannie said: That’s why it is called “Monopoly”. Monopoly shouldn’t be re-designed. What a ridiculous idea. I play Monopoly with my sons to teach them the value of money and using it wisely…
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