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A protester from Occupy Oakland is arrested in Oakland, California on January 28, 2012.

On Saturday, an estimated 2,000 people participated in the Oakland Rise-Up! Festival, an Occupy Oakland demonstration. However, the situation turned violent halfway through the afternoon as protesters began tearing down construction barricades to a building they planned to re-purpose as a community action center. Riot police used tear gas and flash bombs to disperse the crowd, who reportedly retaliated by pelting officers with broken bottles, pipes, and improvised explosive devices. The protesters went on to enter and vandalize City Hall, burning two American flags.

Over 400 protesters were arrested.
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  2. krycha said: Sounds to me like the US Government agencies have infiltrated the movement in Oakland to the point of it now being a detriment to the movement. Time to regroup. This is not Occupy.
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