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The animated film tells the story of love between two people, which passed through the barriers of distance and time.

Kyrgyzstan’s First Full Length Animation to be Released


Take a minute or ten to appreciate all that is this True Detective bootleg DVD art. 


—Sean, Sideshow


Check out Studio 360’s live show from BAM, including stand-up from Hari Kondabolu, readings from Jennifer Egan, and a performance by Andrew Bird.


Pakistani cartoonist Sabir Nazar’ cartoon noting Obama’s re-election in 2012, a comment on the deeply unpopular US drone program directed at Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier. Click to find out more about Sabir Nazar and see more of his cartoons.


The most important vine of Summer 2014 has arrived.

Here are the other things you had to see online this week:

—Sean, Sideshow


What happens when you play music through a squid? Something amazing happens to its chromatophores.



Some immigrants spent their first nights at the YMCA. Others saw snow for the first time. Some people didn’t mean to end up here at all. What do you — or your parents or grandparents — remember about your first days in the US? Submit your story.


Ainsle Henderson is a stop motion animator with a big heart, a keen sense of humor, and a number of unresolved childhood issues. 

—Sean, Sideshow