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When it comes to Lego art, there’s good and there’s bad. See if you can spot the difference!


We are not enemies

The massive rally has so far stood its ground against police attempts to clear the area with tear gas, pepper spray and batons, partially with the help of umbrellas.

Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy ‘Occupy Central’ in Photos


"A passerby tried to stop an anti-Occupy Central man from hurting two young people. The thug pointed at him in the face with a blade, saying, ‘You have the guts?’"


Pro-Democracy Protesters Accuse Hong Kong Police of Allowing ‘Thugs’ to Attack Them


sideshow’s most recent guest, Christoph Niemann, just introduced the New Yorker cover to the animated GIF. Let’s celebrate.


Meet the “poop and paddle” - a floating, eco-friendly toilet.

And no, it doesn’t smell.


One person has been left dead, nearly fifty climbers are severely injured, and ten people are missing after Mount Ontake, a popular climbing spot, in central Japan, erupted.

Video of Japan’s Mount Ontake Eruption as it Happened


Soon after news of clashes spread on social media, many people rushed to the scene at midnight to join the student protest. 

Hundreds of riot police used pepper spray and batons to disperse peaceful student protesters at Hong Kong’s Civic Square earlier today, September 27. Roughly 75 protesters have been arrested.

Violent Clashes Between Hong Kong Police and Peaceful Student Protesters


Gotta start somewhere. 

—sean, sideshow


Two things:

1. Malkovich actually posed for these photos (and the dozens of others)
2. The photographer behind them doesn’t think they’re funny.


By taking action, you are not showing your concerns only, but you join thousands of activists around the world to save Syrian civilians lives.

#withSyria campaign wants the world leaders to hear and act through 100K signatures to effectively stop the indiscriminate attacks of Syrians civilians. Help us by spreading the word.

#WithSyria Wants to End the Indiscriminate Bombing of Syrian Civilians