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43-year-old fisherman-turned-activist Sandy Anderson stands on the shore of Brazil’s Guarabana Bay, just outside Rio de Janeiro. Anderson says he’s nearly been killed twice fighting to save this bay from polluters, and now lives in hiding.

Photo: Gerry Hadden


Just Now in Gaza, a baby born from dead mother who has been killed by Israeli army 


Eight hospitals, nine medical clinics and 14 ambulances have been bombed since Israel launched an offensive in the densely populated, narrow 40-kilometer-long coastal strip Gaza. Home to 1.8 million Palestinians, the U.K.’s Prime Minister David Cameron has called Gaza “an open-air prison”. 

According to Gaza’s Ministry of Health, in the last 20 days four of the 1,000 killed were health professionals and 14 of the 6,000 injured were health professionals.

Israeli military warplanes and tanks have also hit residential neighborhoods, schools and shelters. The U.N. estimates that more than 74 percent of those killed are civilians

Under the threat of bombs, doctors like Bassel Abuward, Belal, Saeed Kanafany, and Mads Gilbert are performing miracles at Gaza’s largest hospital Al-Shifa. 

Under Bombs, Gaza’s Doctors Are Saving Lives and Tweeting Heartbreaking Stories Between Shifts


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